Can I take a shower after laser hair removal?

Removing hair can make skin beauty, so laser hair removal is very popular in modern society. Laser hair removal not only completely removes excess hair, but also provides long-lasting skin beauty after laser hair removal. In order to ensure the effect of surgery, we must take good care after surgery, can you take a shower after laser hair removal?

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is accomplished by the selective photothermal principle of the laser. The principle of laser targeting is deep into the hair follicle. The hair follicles, hair shaft, and pigment in the dermis layer can effectively absorb light energy and convert it into heat. Continuous heat increases the temperature of the hair follicle, and when the temperature rises high enough, it can effectively destroy the hair follicle structure, so that the hair follicle does not grow normally without nutrient supply, so it can permanently and effectively remove hair.

Can I take a shower after laser hair removal?

After laser depilation, it is possible to take a bath, but after the laser cannot use irritating skin care products, the skin will be more fragile after laser hair removal, and can not be subjected to strong stimulation, so our beauty seekers must be after laser surgery. Use water to bathe, but not shower gel.

What are the precautions after laser hair removal?

1. After laser hair removal, our beauty seekers should pay attention to sun protection, avoid sun exposure and other ultraviolet radiation, etc., which can effectively prevent skin pigmentation after laser hair removal and smooth skin after laser hair removal. The effect is effective.

2. If the newborn hair grows out, do not pull it out by hand or scrape it, it will damage the skin health. Wait until the next time you do a laser hair removal expert doctor will help you clean up. At the same time, the laser is targeted, so that the effective hair removal can be completed.

Laser hair removal is a very effective way to permanently remove hair. In order to ensure the effect of surgery and its own safety, we must choose a formal plastic surgery and experienced doctors to carry out hair removal treatment.

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