Precautions after laser hair removal

    Laser hair removal is a popular beauty project nowadays, so we should also know more about the precautions after treatment. Below we will share with you the precautions after laser hair removal.

       1. Immediately after treatment, the skin may have slight redness, tingling, pimples, and other reactions. For normal conditions, it can be iced for 20-30 minutes. After half an hour, the skin condition may be affected. If necessary, it may take more time for ice. Some people may have purpura, blisters, etc., usually recover in about 1 week. If there are blisters, don’t break it. There may be temporary pigmentation in the later stage, usually recovering in about 3-6 months.

       2. After treatment, the skin is drier, there may be a slight itching sensation, and the moisturizing lotion can be moisturized, generally relieved about 1 week after treatment.

      3. Males or those with thicker hair may have pseudofolliculitis after depilation. If they occur generally one or two times before depilation, they may be treated with local anti-inflammatory treatment.

      4. The facial treatment period is 35-45 days for the hair removal treatment period, and the body part is 45-60 days. Please treat on time. The treatment time is too short or too long may affect the treatment effect.

      5. The hot water and shower gel are banned 3 days after treatment in the treatment area.

      6. The treatment site is strengthened during the treatment period, and the laser treatment is performed at least half a month after the sun exposure. Before the treatment, the hair removal division was informed of the recent history of exposure. Tanning skin is less tolerant of lasers and may require increased treatment in the later stages.

      7. Pregnant women, who have a history of epilepsy and who have serious infections in the treatment area, are forbidden to treat.

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